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Post by TheBear » Fri Aug 08, 2014 4:57 am

Just a quick update,
With the 1800mAh Battery, fresh charge, I only played music(not mix) for 4 hours.
Battery life was at 86% when I stopped.....


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Post by Eco_Morgan » Tue Aug 19, 2014 5:15 am

Are there any updates on this? How much mixing time do you get with a full charge? How difficult was it to fit the 1800mAh in?




Re: How To... Replace Your Pacemaker Battery

Post by TheBear » Tue Sep 09, 2014 1:57 am

OK, now the new 1800mA/h battery has had a chance to 'settle', I did a single test to see how it performs, from a fresh charge.

1st 50% as mostly background player, occasional access
2nd 50% more 'playing' :) with the PMD, maybe skip a track here and there adjust volume, pause & play every couple or few tracks,
with occasional bumps and random readings thrown in for good measure

Code: Select all

Battery      Duration Hrs
50%           9.50
41%          11.50
39%          11.75
38%          12.00
37%          12.20
35%          13.10
32%          13.16
33%          13.25
32%          13.50
31%          14.00
31%          14.13
29%          14.25 
29%          14.33
27%          14.50	
23%          15.00
20%          15.25
17%          15.50
15%          15.64
14%          15.75
13%          16.04 
13%          16.16
12%          16.25
Switched off, plugged charger in, to which the PMD reports "7% charged" !!
5% difference, so which is right?, even after 5 mins, a quick tap reveals "7% charged"

With the figures shown, one can extrapolate discharge curve for aforementioned newly installed battery for mixing.
Originally, (without looking for info) I'm sure the battery times were something like 7hrs for playback and 3 or 4 hrs for mixing.
Remember I only discharged down to 12%(it was 3am, and I wanted to go to bed!!!!).

I would be surprised if at least 7-10 hrs were not a realistic expectation for battery life during mixing,
as seen 12% of charge left after 16+ hrs, it is entirely possible that nearly 20hrs of playback to flat, if not 'played with' during that time.
I understand that others are likely more interested in Mix Times..

@Morgan, your eyes are your friend, as written in my notes, and as seen in pictures, the battery is a very snug fit.

For anybody considering this mod, unless you considerably experienced with electronics, I would suggest the 1400mA/h.
Fitting will be less critical and you will be less likely to damage the battery, as the 1400mA/h is only marginally fatter than the original 1000mA/h by 0.8mm,
where the 1800mA/h is fatter by 2.8mm than the original 1000mA/h.
All battery sizes are also shown in my notes..
Look at the pictures, they show the areas for concern.

If you do try to jam in a larger battery, without being carefull, you will find the PMD still works, just the internal short you created from not being carefull,
will cause self discharge. That's why I suggest only experienced people attempt this mod..


Re: How To... Replace Your Pacemaker Battery

Post by Oscady » Wed Oct 07, 2015 12:54 pm

I've been pacemakerless for about a year now and saw these guides on here long ago, always planned to sort myself out and fix it but never got round to it. I've just ordered this battery - ... N7W8CSO4RA

The battery is just because I may as well, my previous battery would run out after around an hour of proper mixing even just going to headphones, so figured that can't be as good as it gets and judging by peoples findings on here can be better.

I've also ordered this SSD - ... WYH4I33E4C

Which I believe is the same as someone on here has done previously.

I've bought a kit and made sure I can take it apart easily (somehow the screws were a little rusted and scummy) and I should have all the pieces ready to stick together next week. Will come back and let you know if it works.

Big thanks to all the clever people who figured out what was needed and how to do it. Hopefully I will be joining you all with a fresh PMD


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