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Eject The Pacemaker

Post by Sox » Sat Sep 29, 2012 11:32 pm

When developing PMUpdater, Pip & I tried several methods of ejecting USB devices from the internet, but whilst they all seemed to unmount/remove the drive from Windows, they did not force the Pacemaker to reboot (which was required after putting a firmware file down). Even the Windows "Safely Remove" and "Eject" features didn't work for our needs.

The only software we knew of that did what we wanted was the Pacemaker Editor. So we contacted the Pacemaker team at 100mg and they were kind enough to provide the code from the editor in C++. As it is their intellectual property we can't post that code here, but DJ Pip took the code and created a console application and supporting DLL from it.

To eject your Pacemaker if it was drive K: you would run the following from your application.
EjectMediaByLetter K
Pip's Pacemaker Ejecting App
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