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Post by Kays » Sat Jun 28, 2014 9:14 pm

TheBear wrote:Update - I just thought to check how the PM was mounted, SHOCK(well not really) the PM is seen as a VFAT device,
so setting permission bits on the firmware is out the window.
So now just need to figure how to clear the 'Dirty bit' for the PM fat on umount..
ayyeee! right, it must be some FAT-rat-crap to be compatible with the M$-world.
Maybe fsck.vfat(8) does the job.


Re: Firmware Download - Feb 2014 Version

Post by enrico » Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:11 am

is there anyone that after installing the firmware 2014 and got the error 201 have solved the problem? Is possible to resolves with a format and reinstall? The alternative is to reinstall the BETA VERSION 18? I use a lot the beta version and I never had any problem... And I think that the sync time was better in Beta version, the Cue point adjustments for me is the same that the beta because i have all the same problem with some songs!

If you can put the new option 8/16 Beat Loop support and When looping and scratching, your tracks will now stay in sync and Improvements to scratching in the old firmware beta 18 for me is the perfection because the time stretch and synch is better and the stability of the firmware is very good!

I'm wait for your answer! Thanks and good job...

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Re: Firmware Download - Feb 2014 Version

Post by djpip27 » Mon Aug 18, 2014 9:19 pm

IIRC you can both unmount and eject a drive, and only unmount doesn't
work on PMD.
Check the attached file for our C++ routines for this.
Unfortunately I can't find the attachment I was sent from the Pacemaker Team. What I can share with you is that a program called 'RemoveDrive32' / 'RemoveDrive64' is able to do the same thing for you.
The tool if you are still interested is documented here:
Perhaps you can figure out what the Linux version of the tool would need to do from this windows utility.

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